Elysium Power Leveling services and Pricings

Chose a package of your favour below and contact us at Skype: GOLDYNEEDS for more details.

  • Custom Boost L: ??

  • ??
  • Level: You chose
  • Time: We decide
  • Gold: ?
  • Spells: ??
  • Update: Daily
  • Order now at
  • Professional Boost L: 60

  • ??? ??? EUR
  • Level: 1-60
  • Time: 2-3 weeks
  • Mount: 60%
  • Gold: 50
  • Update: Every 2nd level
  • Order now at
  • Advanced Boost L: 40

  • ??? ??? EUR
  • Level: 1-40
  • Time: 1-2 weeks
  • Mount: ??
  • Gold: 20
  • Update: Every 5th level
  • Order now at

# 100% safe, legal, leveling (quests, dungeons, grinding)
# Everything that is looted will stay on your account
# We are experienced, fast, cheap and 100% reliable!
# We always get the work done on time
# Ordering gold along with power leveling will provide 
you with a discount on your order
# If you don’t want to wait for power leveling - contact us, 
we might have an account ready for you
# Enemies ganking you? Not enjoying vanilla leveling?
# Maybe you just need a little help with all the monsters?
# Hire a level 60 bodyguard that will follow and protect 
you anywhere you need
# Our bodyguards will kill your mobs, protect you from the 
enemy faction and even help you out through dungeons
# Our goons will make your life easy so you can fully enjoy 
overall Vanilla experience
# Want to get a high PvP rank but you want to sleep too?
# We will boost your character for you 
# We will farm all the battlegrounds you want 100% 
manually until you get the rank (or reputation) you desire
# Are you just lazy about your primary or secundary 
professions? We will level them for you
# Are you in need of pre-raid gear?
# We will do it for you in the shortest time possible
# Do you want to immediately get into raiding or 
level 60 PvP? You’ve come to the right place
# We provide a vast variety of characters, lots of different 
levels, ready to be played, by YOU!
# We are constantly updating our stock, don’t hesitate to 
ask us if we have character that you desire
# Check our website for current acccount stock details and 
make your pick! Or you can preorder a class you like

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